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Frequently Asked Questions

At rosie + belle the shopping experience is all about personalization. This means our processes reside outside of traditional retail norms. In an effort to help you take comfort in your purchasing decisions I'm here to answer any questions.

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Are your garments custom made?

Our garments are not custom made, but they are made with a high level of personalization. Clients first choose the dress style that they like, get measured to determine which fit (Cora, Hazel, or Poppy) is best for them, then i0opo/'9ni  pick from a variety of fabric color options. This allows you to receive a garment that is well suited to your body shape and coloring.

What is made-to-order clothing?

Made-to-order clothing is clothing that is not made until you place your order. Due to the high level of personalization in our garments, it would be impossible for us to stock all of our fit, size, and color combinations. Our shop will host some items that are "ready to ship", but that option will be clearly indicated.

How long does it take to receive my made-to-order garment?

You can expect "ready to ship" items to ship the next business day. Made-to-order items typically take 4-6 weeks to receive.

Why does it take so long to receive my made-to-order garment?

Made-to-order items are not made until you order them, so the first step is getting in line for production at the manufacturer. Due to the high level of personalization in each garment they are not produced in bulk but rather one unit at a time. This form of production is slower than typical mass-production, but the reward of your personalized garment is worth the wait.