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Let's talk body shape...

In working on this project I talked with LOTS of women. We discussed why they choose and buy the clothes they are wearing, and they shared what issues they face regarding standardized garment sizing. 

Surprisingly (and sadly), many women are uncomfortable talking about the shape of their body and they don’t know exactly what body type with which to identify. I believe this is primarily due to the imagery fed to us by the fashion industry and the way ill-fitting standardized sizes make us feel about our bodies. 

I want to change the conversation. At rosie + belle my mission is to dress you in clothes that are correctly proportioned to your body type. And just for the record, there is no wrong body type. 

You will look and feel better when you are wearing clothes that fit your body correctly. The clothes should fit YOUR body type, not the other way around. Don’t force your body into a dress that wasn’t made for you. In order to accommodate for different body types, I have broken the sizes down to three different fits. I named them Cora, Hazel, and Poppy. Hazel is our most popular body shape and the fit from which our ready-to-wear styles are derived.

How do you know if you are a Cora, a Hazel, or a Poppy? Many of you will be able to figure out your body type based off of the descriptions for each fit. However, I suggest measuring yourself and referring to the measurement chart below as the foolproof method for determining your shape and size.  



                                                  Meet the ladies: (l to r) Poppy, Cora, and Hazel

                                                Meet the ladies: (l to r) Poppy, Cora, and Hazel