rosie + belle

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The Evolution of the Brand

I have always taken an interest in how and why people choose which clothes they buy and wear. As a fashion lover, I look forward to finding the perfect outfit to suit my daily mood and activities. In late 2010 I was taking an anthropology research course to support my graduate thesis. I spent a semester observing women shop, interviewing them about their shopping habits, and holding focus groups about garment fit and clothing preferences. 

What I found out during that time was that many women love fashion as much as I do, but shopping often leads to endless frustrations. Those frustrations often come from over-stimulation. The modern fashion industry is an endless carousel of fast-fashion pieces meant to last a season and then be replaced. At rosie + belle we don't take that approach to production. We believe that clothing should be an extension of the woman and be about her personal style.  We believe in slowing down and making beautiful, timeless pieces that a woman will want to keep in her wardrobe for years. 



What's in a name?

The name rosie + belle came from the combination of my middle and last names—Rose and Bell. The alternative spelling of Belle has significance because it is defined as "a beautiful girl or woman, especially the most beautiful at a particular event or in a particular group". I find when a woman is wearing clothes that fit her properly and make her feel comfortable she exudes confidence and beauty.


The Process

All rosie + belle designs start as concepts in my sketchbook. I then draft the first pattern. Once the pattern is completed, I sew a muslin of the design to check the fit and make the necessary pattern corrections before sewing the first sample. I always spend time wearing the sample to ensure that the garment is comfortable and works properly. 

Once a garment has passed the wear test, I turn all the patterns over to my manufacturer. They digitize them and turn a single pattern into an entire size run. More samples are sewn until the garment and construction techniques are perfected. Once I am happy with all corrections we are ready to move to production.




Locally Made

At rosie + belle we stick close to our roots. All design work and manufacturing take place in Texas. I live in and work in Dallas and our garments are manufactured in Austin. I personally handmade all jewelry and handbags in my Dallas studio.