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Style, Not Fashion Is Always Your Best Bet

Chelsea Bell

“Fashion fades, style is eternal.” -Yves Saint Laurent

Fashion Fades.jpg

Championing the development of personal style is my favorite soap box. I am a firm believer that personal style is much more important than fashion will ever be. There are always going to be fashion trends. Some will be good, some will be bad, some will be interesting but not right for our body types or lifestyles. We live in an age where there are endless options for clothing and accessories. It is our job to figure out who we are, what accentuates our best features, and what we want to wear.

I always like to start with garments that accentuate my best features. Let me be clear and say we ALL have things that we have to dress around. Don’t be fooled, even the models out there with perfect bodies have things that they prefer to wear because they look and feel better in those things. When it comes to dressing I definitely have things I dress around. I am a tall woman at 5’9” and I am long waisted. While I am thin, I have broad shoulders and a very prominent booty. It is often necessary for me to buy clothes off the rack and have them altered for a proper fit. I know this seems frustrating, but it makes me look and feel my best—so I know it is worth the hassle and the money. When I invest in clothing, I buy things that I really love and plan to keep for many years. 

While I have things that I have to consider when choosing clothes, I also have things I like to emphasize. I have always been flat chested, but have nice, long legs. I typically choose to accentuate the legs rather than worry about the flat chest. I also like the light blue color of my eyes and often choose colors that bring out the blue in my eyes.

I have a definite sense of style and I gravitate to things that fit into that style. I LOVE colors, especially brightly colored accessories and shoes. I also love a little shimmer in my looks. Quirky, oversized necklaces and earrings fill my jewelry box and always catch my eye when shopping. I love how a few accessories can instantly change the look of an outfit.

The main thing I love about personal style, is how two people can take the exact same shirt/skirt/dress and interpret it in totally different ways. How they choose to accessorize that garment and accentuate their best features is exhilarating. I love working with clients because they give me such fun ideas for how they’re going to style their rosie + belle pieces. 

I challenge you to take a look through your closet and jewelry box and identify the things you really love. What are the things you can’t wait to get laundered so you can wear again? What things make you happy when you wear them? Do you see any kind of theme in these much-loved items? When you start to identify what makes up your personal style, really challenge yourself to bypass impulse buys that don’t fit into your style. You may the love the sale price or the label, but that doesn’t mean you’ll love the garment—which means ultimately you’ve wasted your money. Even if the item you love is a bit more, go for it. You’ll get your money’s worth and add another piece to your closet you can’t wait to wear.

The ultimate goal is to have a closet you love because it’s YOU.

Happy styling,