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Style Tip: Keep That Shirt Tucked In

Style TipsChelsea BellComment
Our Paper Bag skirt (available in 5 colors) is a perfect example of a tucked in shirt being a must.

Our Paper Bag skirt (available in 5 colors) is a perfect example of a tucked in shirt being a must.

I don't know if you've noticed from my pictures, but I love the look of a skirt with the shirt tucked in. While I love this look, as a tall girl at 5'9" with a long waist, I have serious struggles with making my tucked-in look feel effortless. But fret not, over the years I have come up with some fool-proof methods for making that shirt stay tucked in.

The first and most obvious solution is to wear a bodysuit. I love bodysuits because they simplify my outfit and I know I'll never have to worry about my shirt looking rippled. I realize that the bodysuit may not be in everyone's comfort zone, but I urge you to try one on just to see how easy they are to wear. I currently have some from American Apparel and Club Monaco.

The second solution is to wear your shirt tucked into your Spanx then pull the skirt up over the Spanx. This is a really great solution because it keeps any shirt in place and it flattens my stomach no matter how many tacos I've eaten that day. The down side to Spanx in the South is the relentless heat during our extra long summers. Because of the heat factor, I came up with a third solution to keeping my shirt tucked in.

Carolyn Joe Art Skirt by rosie + belle photo Lexie Graben photography.jpg

The third solution is to go to the maternity section--that's right, I said maternity--and look for knit t-shirts and tanks with smooth side seams--no ruched sides. The knit shirt with the smooth side seams look like regular shirts, but they are much longer. Having that extra length keeps my shirt from trying to work its way out of the top of my shirt when I move around.

I hope these tips will help you look effortless the next time you want to accomplish the tucked in look. What are your favorite tips for keeping the tucked in shirt in place?